Web Design & Development

A New Website

The client challenged us to create a simple website but as quickly as possible. In just a few days, we have created the concept of website, simple and clear design and home page with basic information about the company and basic functions. The site is fully optimized for mobile devices, ready for SEO and is designed so that you can simply expand the structure in the future.

Graphic Design


The new concept of selling pre-hung doors “Door in the Box” is the main marketing strategy of Doortek. We decide to design a flyer to show this idea. The recipe is bright and simple: choose the style of your door, choose color and finish and add hardware, receive your door in the box. This flyer became a visualization of new idea how to sell doors in growing online market.

About DoorTek

Doortek is the new company in door business with ambitious and innovative ideas. Our goal was creating an identity and setting first marketing strategies. We designed Doortek booklet for the trade show in Arizona where the young company had a chance to spread the word about their business and unique services they provide. We also designed the small website for the start. Now we work with Doortek team on designing and developing new products and we can’t wait to bring this business to the next level with upcoming website and marketing ideas.