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Our Approach

Pay Per Click-campaign should bring profit, otherwise it doesn’t make sense

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Do You Know That PPC Is Almost Always The Best Promotional Channel?

Why PPC is important for Business Success?

All the website traffic is useless unless it converts to sales. Only the traffic that brings you money matters. But where can you get this traffic? SEO can give a result in many months or years, or can not give the result you expect. Traffic from social networks can be poorly converted. But there is a solution.

Pay Per Click is one of the most profitable advertising and marketing channels with the highest ROI. PPC is one of the most targeted types of advertising. Your ads are shown only to those users who are searching for your products or services on the Internet. Another key advantage of the PPC is that your ad will start showing up immediately. In other words, PPC is a highly effective way to gain your business directly and immediately.

Businesses make on average $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on AdWords*

*- According to PowerTraffick

Of All Companies Focus On Google AdWords for PPC
Of People Can’t Identify Ads In Search Engines Results Pages
Of Companies Use PPC To Sell Products Directly To Consumers
PPC Visitors Convert 50.6% More Than Organic Search Visitors

Our Process


At this point, our work begins. You tell us about your business and determine your goals.

Topic&Competition Research

We study your business, your products, and your competitors.

Keyword selection

We carefully select the key phrase most relevant in your case


After we have studied the topic, competitors and selecting keywords, we estimate the potential of the advertising campaign and the necessary budget.

Landing Page Improvement or Creation

At the next stage we offer you how to improve your landing pages to increase conversion and the effectiveness of Pay Per Click-campaigns.

Ad Copy Writing

We carefully select the most relevant keywords for your case.

Ad Targeting

We set up advertising campaigns for the target audience (geotargenting, remarketing, etc.).

Position adjustments

We will make the necessary adjustments on an ongoing basis


We will continue to work until you are not completely satisfied.

A/B Testing

We always experiment and test various settings and ads to find the most effective

Conversion Tracking, Improvement And Optimization

We will improve the effectiveness of advertising on a regular basis


We will provide you with a monthly report

Reasons Why Should We Create Your PPC-Campaigns

We Have a Lot of Experience in PPC

Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the PPC, which you can convert into your profits

We Are Google Certified Partner

We have the status of Google Certified Partner which confirms our qualification

Free Google Credit

Google provides a small bonus for new customers

We Will Save Your Time

Advertising requires not only knowledge and experience but also a great deal of effort. We will take this work on ourselves and save your time

We Always Ensure Profitability

Our main goal is to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business, therefore, we focus on the effectiveness of advertising and return on investment in advertising


Our Works

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