Web Design & Development

A New Website

The main goal of the new website is to provide the customers and dealers an easy way of choosing the right design of the door, the right product for every project. A simple and informative website is one of the best-selling tools of Mennie Canada. Simply choose the design and you will find the pictures, specs, test results, virtually everything you need to know about this product regardless which device you are using.

Graphic Design/Catalog

Mennie Canada Brochure

Proper demonstration of the product is the key to`any business success and Mennie Canada is not an exception. Our job was to show fiberglass doors in all their beauty to help the customer to make the right choice. Beautiful close-ups, luxury houses, premium fiberglass doors, this book has it all. Add good quality paper along with high-end print job and the result is the stunning selling tool.

Graphic Design


Designers and engineers from Mennie Canada are constantly working on new designs and creative solutions to make their doors better and expand the collection. They announced new design of mahogany door in spring of 2016. We had to deliver good news to the customers and dealers and we decided to do it with style. The flyer is a very good way to send the message to the customers and new MAH 8’ RP became a real hit.

About Mennie Canada

Mennie Canada is third largest manufacturers of Fiberglass doors in the world. The first stage of our job was to design products catalog, a lot of product photography was done. We regularly do email marketing campaigns for Mennie to increase their sales and find new business opportunities. Guys participate in Trade and Home shows every year and we always work together on promotional material for these events – flyers, booklets, billboards. Finally, it’s time to take good care of Mennie Canada old website, we designed and developed a stunning website, the main idea was to make it very simple yet functional, modern and user-friendly. Mennie has a large network of dealers all over North America so it was very important to build the website according dealers preferences like responsiveness for every type of device.